How Lumoa's AI based NPS driver analytics can help healthcare industry


Customer experience is the key for success in healthcare industry. Now, the industry is highly competitive and customer experience in many cases is the deciding factor for where patients go to get care. By focusing on its customers, healthcare providers can go above and beyond to create satisfied patients. You need tools to be on top of the feedback every day and capabilities to react on it fast - to ensure that the next patient gets the perfect experience and is willing to share the most positive review on your business.

Benefits of Lumoa's service

Fast: Improve customer retention by solving the key issues immediately.

Focused: Understand what drives customer experience both on spot and digitally.

Actionable: Take care of your clients by identifying the problem and contacting those who have a risk of churning.


Use cases

Understand customer experience drivers. Understand the most critical factors driving Net Promoter Score up or down.

Employee coaching for best practices. Identify best practices in the operations and the ways to delight different customer segments and improve the guest experience by coaching employees.

Quantify the value of service mindset to customer experience. Understand how much the service mindset of your personnel influences the Net Promoter Score.