Every company needs to control their customer experience to be successful, but the challenges the companies face are unique. We have experience in working with several different industries. Therefore we know your business context to be able to provide you with relevant and meaningful NPS analytics.   


Connected devices 

Connected devices, such as phones, tablets, computers and wearables, are often very personal and important for their owners. If your business is in connected devices, you typically get a lot of feedback especially around new product launches or releases. The challenge is to make sense of it globally and start immediately fixing issues that most strongly drive your customer experience down.

Banking and insurance

The financial sector, including banks and insurance companies, is going through fast digitalization phase where more and more of the communications and transactions take place utilizing digital channels. Digitalization provides a great opportunity to be closer to customers across all touchpoints and to speed up the improvements. One-on-one interactions in the front line remain crucial but digital customer feedback allows fast and easy identification of most impactful NPS drivers on corporate level, between financial products and branches.

SaaS and software

If your business is SaaS or software, you know that retaining your customers is the key for success. The less time you spend on identifying the most pressing issues and the more time you have to fix the them, the higher the customer lifetime value of your customers.   



Customer experience, or guest experience, is the key for success in hospitality industry. Every single aspect in the offering, in customer service, or in digital booking can make a big difference. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, travel agency or a cruise provider, you know this well.  Customer feedback gets easily amplified in social media. You need tools to be on top of the feedback every day and capabilities to react on it fast - to ensure that the next guest gets the perfect experience and is willing to share the most positive review on your business.