Collecting customer feedback: too difficult or too easy?

For some companies collecting feedback is easy. Maybe even too easy: I’ve come across a big corporation, which collects feedback, stores it somewhere and does nothing with it. There are no resources to read it through. While server space is cheap, and this might feel like an easy way to make customers believe you listen to them, don’t do like this. You are just wasting your customers’ time and fooling yourself at the same time. This company I came across is not happy about how things are, analyzing text feedback just happens to be too difficult and expensive with their current methods and resourcing. Collecting feedback is too easy for them.

For some companies collecting feedback is hard. They are often B2B2C companies with no direct link to their end-customer. Many of these companies spend tens or hundreds of thousands on consumer research, doing annual or biannual surveys leading to very few insights. And when it is done seldom, there is a huge internal pressure to do it properly. This often leads to overly long surveys which customers hate. In many cases the results are still disappointing. The data and analytics arrive too late to have any proper value. The management feels they “knew this already” as it can take the research agency as long as 3 months to find the target group to interview, do the study and report the results.

Luckily there are more and more success stories in this field as well: companies who manage to ask the right question in the right place at the right time, not to burden customers with the surveys too much and who have a consistent method for analyzing the data, extracting the insights and acting on feedback.

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