Do you collect customer feedback but find the data non-actionable?

Lumoa's service is targeted to companies who receive large amounts of customer feedback. It is a software-as-a-service platform for companies who want to process customer feedback into actionable insights in an easy and fast manner. The service processes feedback in 60 languages and provides you with insights instantly after the feedback has been provided.   

What drives your NPS up or down?

Lumoa's online service enables you to understand what drives your customers' satisfaction up and down. Lumoa's Artificial Intelligence -based solution translates the feedback, categorizes it, assesses the sentiment, and shows you the positive and negative drivers of customer experience instantly. You can focus on implementing the improvement actions, instead of wasting time and money on just making sense of the data and analyzing it.   

Benefits of the Lumoa service


Get automated insights in real time from massive amounts of feedback. We understand 60 languages! 

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Get instant access to prioritized improvement areas benefiting from our Artificial Intelligence -based analytics.

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Share the results with the whole organization utilizing our easy to use dashboard. 

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Measure your customer experience performance

Measure your customer experience performance. Track your performance using a metric such as NPS on a daily basis. Set targets and incentives for the key personnel to support buy-in and to gain company-wide support. You can compare your products or touch points against each other and set internal benchmarks. 

The feedback language doesn't matter. You'll see the results instantly and can quickly react to problems that emerge. 

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Target setting

Understand what is driving your performance

Lumoa's analytics engine analyses the text, which customers have provided, automatically. It understands 60 languages and extracts key topics and the sentiment of the sentences. The most important part is the impact analysis: as a result, you'll get a list of prioritized issues to fix and strengths to highlight. You no longer need to waste time on time-consuming analysis, tagging or categorizing comments. Instead, you can focus on planning and implementing the improvement actions. 

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Engage the whole company to act on the feedback

Feedback is worth nothing if you don't take any improvement actions. Lumoa's service provides you the insights in an easy to use dashboard which can be shared with the whole company. No need to limit the data access to customer experience experts or analysts. When people across the organization have access to data and they can also see what customers say, they feel be empowered to make improvements every day.

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