In today’s world, customer experience leaders use data to guide their strategy and CX initiatives. According to customer experience statistics, 76% of CX leaders are investing in or expanding their emerging technology investment, making predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence the most demanded software and services among CX professionals. 

As a result, there are a lot of amazing software platforms that help to understand customers better. With a modern customer experience management software - like Lumoa - you can dive into drivers of customer feedback to shape your business strategy around customer wishes. For example, if you are working in Banking, you can discover what your customers think of your credit consultation phone line or recent mobile app update. 

10 Most Relevant NPS Software Tools In 2019: 

  1. Lumoa


  3. Textline

  4. Usabilla

  5. Delighted

  6. Survicate

  7. Hotjar

  8. Livechat

  9. Retently

  10. Nicereply


Trying to make sense out of all customer feedback in different languages and from different touchpoints? Lumoa is a #1 choice for understanding how exactly customer experience drives your business. 

Lumoa will help you to align customer wishes and company business strategy, as the tool categorizes all your customer feedback tailoring the results to your business with the latest technologies of AI and Natural Language Processing. 

Lumoa makes it easy to act on customer feedback in real time and will show you the real impact of your CX initiatives  

  • See what actually drives your customer feedback 

  • Guide your business strategy with customer feedback 

  • Tailor customer feedback categories and filters to your company 

  • AI-powered analytics will take care of your customer feedback in large volumes 

  • Analyze feedback in 60+ languages 



This is a great end-to-end NPS tool for SMBs that are making their first steps in collecting customer feedback. The tool is great if you are looking to perform a quick and easy survey to gather immediate feedback from either clients or employees and allows you to send the first 250 surveys for free. 

  • Specialized NPS software 

  • Collect NPS feedback by email 

  • Survey different customer segments 

  • Schedule future surveys 

  • Track your NPS score and progress over time 

  • Pricing starts with $79/month with up to 3000 surveys sent


Textline helps to collect NPS responses through SMS text messaging. This tool allows you not only track the development of NPS overtime but also to automate text messaging for business announcements sent to your employees or customers, Bring text messages as the new support channel for your customers. 

  • Software for business text messaging 

  • Collect customer feedback via SMS 

  • Tag responses, flag consistent or reoccurring feedback 

  • Automate and schedule NPS delivery 

  • Track your NPS score and progress over time 

  • Pricing starts with $47.97/month with features of the full messaging center


Usabilla is a robust tool for collecting customer feedback and NPS responses. Usabilla is offering a possibility to collect feedback from a variety independent customer touchpoints: in-app, in content, after purchase, on-page and by email. Design of customer surveys is highly customizable allowing you to use brand logos, colors, and fonts.  

  • Robust tool for customer feedback management 

  • Collect feedback on your website, via email or in-app 

  • Customize feedback forms for your brand 

  • Collect NPS, CSAT or CES


Delighted is another very simple customer feedback collection tool for SMBs. With Delighted, you can collect not only NPS data but also CSAT and CES via web, SMS and email and the tool allows you to tag and filter the comments manually. Delighted has been loved by their customer for incredible customer support.  

  • Simple and easy-to-use software for customer feedback collection 

  • Collect customer feedback on your website or via email, SMS or survey link URLs 

  • Automatically send to your customers using email or SMS over a period of time 

  • Customize your survey to your brand needs 

  • Send surveys in 37 different languages 

  • Pricing starts with $49/month with up to 750 surveys sent


Survicate specializes on crafting customer feedback surveys and integrating the responses into your CRM. Survicate has a native integration for Intercom, Salesforce, HubSpot and more!  

  • Customer feedback software for all your digital touchpoint 

  • Collect customer feedback on your website or via email 

  • Customize survey templates for your brand needs and save them for the future 

  • Branch surveys depending on user response  

  • Pricing starts with $49/month with up to 550 surveys sent


Hotjar is a unique tool to understand user behavior online. In addition to NPS feedback in-app or on a website, Hotjar allows creating behavioral heat maps to track how exactly users use your product or website by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior – which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire. 

  • Software for marketers and UX designers helping to understand user behavior online 

  • Capture user insights via heat maps that visually represent user behavior 

  • Track your NPS score and progress over time 

  • Collect NPS on your website or web pages 

  • Pricing starts with €29 / month with up to 10,000 page views/day


Livechat is a live chat and helpdesk software for websites with the ticketing system. Livechat allows you to gather NPS feedback from the chat to evaluate the performance of the support agent. 

  • Live chat and helpdesk software with the ticketing system for websites 

  • Get in touch with your web visitors 

  • Collect NPS, CSAT or CES as post-chat surveys or ticket ratings 

  • See the performance of your customer service team by accessing a summary of their activities  

  • Pricing starts with $15 /month/seat 


Retently is customer feedback software for businesses of all sizes that are looking to focus solely on NPS, and also save time and effort with a great array of automation options. Retently features a visually-pleasing UI that ensures running NPS surveys and campaigns doesn’t feel like a chore. Most of their own Promoters have shared how much they love the clean design and the streamlined user experience.  

  • Specialized NPS software 

  • Collect NPS feedback on your website, via email or in-app 

  • Automate survey scheduling via workflows and web hooks 

  • Send transactional NPS surveys when customers trigger an event in your app 

  • Respond to the feedback and close the feedback loop without leaving the app 

  • Pricing starts with $39 / month with up to 1000 monthly surveys


Nicereply is a survey tool for marketers and customer support to understand the engagement of digital assets: blog content, website, emails, and product marketing. Nicereply made it easy to follow up the survey results and contact promoters, detractors or passives separately in order to drive brand advocacy and reduce churn.  

  • Survey software for marketers and customer support 

  • Collect NPS, CES or CSAT on your web pages or via email 

  • Understand the performance of digital assets: from blog content to UX of website 

  • Close the feedback loop by addressing the feedback directly 

  • Pricing starts with $39 / month with up to 100 responses per month

Survey Vs. Analytics  

The question of “What should you invest in: survey or analytics?” reminds a lot “Chicken vs. Egg”-dilemma. Without a properly crafted customer survey, you would not get enough data. And without great analytics, you would not understand your data. Both these steps of building the Voice of Customer-program are essential for its success. 

However, when debating on survey vs. analytics, professionals often forget why they started the customer experience management program in the first place. Usually, the reason is between understanding the needs of their customers and driving advocacy and profit with better customer experience. For that, leaders should stop spending all their time collecting and analyzing by trusting it to the right tools and spend time on driving product and customer experience changes by looking at the results of customer feedback. 

That being said, we have put together a list of the tools that will help you to collect, understand and act on Net Promoter Score feedback. 

The Future Of NPS Software Platforms 

 Gartner states that by 2021, 15% of all customer service interactions will be completely handled by AI, an increase of 400% from 2017. Indeed, already now CX software is on the rise, with AI and predictive analytics in most demand and 31% of organizations have already invested in technology like AI to outpace the competition. 

 At the same time, 48% of CX professionals are afraid that although their companies embrace digital, they don’t think they’ll keep pace with the speed of technology change. When talking about CX trends in 2019, many CX leaders mentioned the rise of technology and widespread adoption of tech services in CX, making customer experience management more accessible for more companies.  


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