Back end Developer

Lumoa is a Helsinki-based technology startup that provides an online service for collecting and analyzing customer feedback using AI and Machine Learning. We are growing at 20% rate monthly. After 1 year, we have signed multiple long-term deals including global companies with multi-billion annual revenue. We are also part of Microsoft Azure Sponsorship Program (BizSpark Plus) and we were granted 120 000€ worth of credits to Microsoft Azure for the next year.

This is a fantastic opportunity and we are looking for a Backend Developer to join us!

We want someone who takes pride in his/her work and wants to make sure that things are clean, maintainable, and reliable. You also understand that sometimes we must make technological compromises to make a perfect product for our users.


What the position offers:

+      Try and decide which technologies to use

+      Participate in release and sprint planning

+      Lead overall software and system architecture

+      Build scalable, highly available and self healing systems

+      Possibility to participate in Product Management and Development (not just technology)


Technology-wise we can offer*:

+      Legacy-Free Codebase

+      Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Stream, Grails, Node.js

+      MongoDB, MySQL, RabbitMQ (more to come soon)

+      Microservices, Kubernetes and Docker based system architecture



+      Hands-on experience with Cloud platforms (AWS, Google or Azure)

+      Programming experience in JVM technologies

+      Basic knowledge of synchronous and asynchronous programming

+      Good understanding of SQL and NoSQL, RabbitMQ is a plus

+      Understanding of Docker and microservices, Kubernetes is a plus

+      Good understanding of security, privacy is a plus

+      Experience with system and software architecture

+      Experience with Public API's and integrations

+      Hands-on experience with DevOps (for example, Jenkins)

+      Hands-on experience with Linux, Servers, Networking, Centralized Logging, Monitoring, Backups, Certificates, Encryption


*) We will also provide you a possibility to do a ‘code review’ for our codebase and detailed description of our system architecture before signing the contract - we want you to be sure you know what you will be working with.


Don’t worry if there’s something that does not sound familiar – interest to learn new things is a core value of our company.

If you want to hear more, drop us an email - or even better - let’s meet and have a beer and a pizza (We prefer Putte’s or Pjazza, but just as we like bad jokes, SkyExpress is always an option).


Send your applications to Carlos at carlos(at) 

If you have any questions, please contact Carlos via carlos(at) or +358 40 162 5139.