Customer Feedback Analytics

Many companies receive thousands of rows of feedback per day. But even if you only receive tens or hundreds of feedback items per day, you still don’t necessarily have the resources to read everything through and process it manually.

Even if the feedback is read, it is not necessarily aggregated into leadership level in a way that would enable management decisions. Even if your customer insight analyst reads it all, do you know what decisions you need to make in the leadership team?

Part of the problem results from the sheer volume of data. But the volume alone is not the only problem. It is also the unstructured nature of the data which makes it challenging.

In these situations, customer feedback analytics should be brought in: it can help you find meaningful insights from customer feedback in a fast and scalable manner.

Lumoa Customer Feedback Analytics

Know where to prioritize

Our AI prioritizes your customer feedback in a way that helps you grow your customer base, retain and increase existing customer value and do more with less.

Find new insights

Your dashboards will let you track impact, increase cross collaboration and builds trust by demonstrating value to your business.

Industry specific AI

As experts, we know that fit matters. We have optimized our AI so that it delivers on your organizations unique strategic and operational objectives.