Heltti nearly doubled its Net Promoter Score to 70 within six months of using Lumoa.


+ 100 % increase of NPS


Heltti is an occupational healthcare and wellbeing provider.


Helsinki, Finland





Traditionally occupational healthcare costs in Finland are coming from sickness treatments. What companies really want to pay for is for their employees to stay healthy and productive. Heltti disrupted the occupational health care business by providing a fixed price model and focusing on knowledge workers wellbeing and health.

Heltti and its customers both have the same goal: to keep employees healthy. Heltti is providing occupational healthcare services currently to over 8500 knowledge workers in 500+ companies.

Heltti started to collect and analyze customer feedback with Lumoa in December 2017. Before Lumoa, they sent long customer surveys to their members (customer base) about twice a year. The challenge was that the feedback wasn’t necessarily actionable. They could get some insights but if a customer complained about the service, there is very little they could do 6 months later to fix that relationship.

"Now with Lumoa, we get to know what went well and, more importantly, what went wrong almost in real time. This gives us a much better understanding and we can take actions straight away” - reveals Juha Nieminen, COO at Heltti.

Juha Nieminen, COO at Heltti

Transformation of customer experience management

Heltti has rapidly integrated Lumoa into daily operations of employees and top management of the company. “We took the NPS results straight to the board to follow metrics and actions on a monthly basis. More importantly, we set very ambitious targets that we already achieved. Apart from that, we set a bi-weekly customer forum meeting with all the persons accountable to take action to improve customer experience both from a strategic and tactical perspective.” - Nieminen shares.

To take it a step further, now everybody at Heltti, including health personnel, doctors and nurses, receives their own customer feedback, thus they could learn and improve after every interaction. Nieminen continues: "The insights generated from Lumoa helped us understand and focus our efforts on some customers that were at risk. We also understood the differences between health centers and employee performance. This lead us to coach those in need to improve performance.” 

The results, that Heltti achieved, have been outstanding and the company has almost doubled their NPS score to 70 and they still consistently increase NPS period over period.

Nieminen concludes: "The possibility to have customer feedback at your fingertips has enabled us to get a step further and we are extremely happy with the cooperation with Lumoa.”


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