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Lumoa Has Changed The Game At Huel As Revenues Grow By 50%

Huel uses Lumoa across multiple business areas to keep abreast of customer feedback in real-time and engage with customers. Read on to hear how their Lumoa-powered customer insights program has resulted in a 10% reduction in negative feedback, a 10x return on investment and “has changed the game at Huel” as they are now able to use NPS to drive change and revenues have grown by 50%.

Everyone has heard of Huel, the world’s leading nutritionally complete food brand. The UK based company was started by Julian Hearn in 2014, his driving mission being a desire to make “nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, with minimal impact on animals and the environment”.

Every Huel meal contains a balance of all 27 essential vitamins and minerals, protein, essential fats, carbs, fiber and phytonutrients. It is made from plant-based sustainable ingredients like oats, pea, rice, flaxseed, coconut and sunflower and has been formulated and approved by respected dietitians and nutritionists globally.

Huel (a portmanteau derived from “human” and “fuel”) delivers to 100 countries and has sold over 100 million meals to date. Its success is attributable to a customer-obsessed focus where the product evolves and improves based on feedback from the Hueligan community.


Huel used Net Promoter Score (NPS) to help them gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty, and they regularly asked their customers how likely they would be to recommend Huel to friends and family.  Customers responded by selecting a score from 0-10, and this meant that the company had a headline NPS score that they tracked, and they were able to use this to set an aspirational NPS that they were working towards. However, it soon became apparent that they couldn’t use NPS scores to make business change because they didn’t know why their customers were giving them the score in the first instance! The NPS score was nice to know but wasn’t actionable.

Matt Ford, Global Senior Customer Service Manager, says “Whilst we were a customer obsessed business, we didn’t have enough understanding of what the customer needed, and we needed to fix this fast. We make and sell products and we wanted to use customer feedback to help us do this better”. They realised that the CX Management service that they had used to date was no longer fit for purpose as they experienced continuous rapid growth, so they began a search in earnest for a new platform.

Matt Ford, Global Senior Customer Service Manager at Huel


Huel wanted a service that would really reflect their tone of voice and represent their brand, and Lumoa was the only provider that they looked at who was 100% on board with this. Emilija Siaulyte, Lead Customer Experience Executive, said “Lumoa’s solution stood out because they were really committed to delivering what we at Huel wanted and needed. The expert suggestions made by the Lumoa Team, and the flexibility that they displayed to ensure that we were totally happy, were unique in comparison to the other vendors that we considered”.

Emilija Siaulyte, Lead Customer Experience Executive at Huel


It was important to Huel that they could use their new CX Management solution to track NPS across the business, not just Customer Service. They wanted to get feedback for Engineering, Subscriptions, Product and Marketing and to use this to have more visibility of departments that were underperforming, so that they could put actions in place and fix. Lumoa’s AI-powered text analytics automatically categorized the feedback so that it was easy for anyone in Huel to see what areas where driving CX down and prioritize these. 

Another important consideration for Huel when choosing a solution was being able to understand customer sentiment about their different products globally. Japanese customers have a vastly different palate when compared to UK customers, so Huel needed to be able to segment customers and develop products based on these varying tastes. Again, Lumoa stood out as their sentiment analysis has been proven to be as accurate as that of humans. The dashboard also allows for customised data segmentation, so Huel were able to drill down into their data and get the most relevant insights for their business.


In addition to all of this, Huel really liked Lumoa as they could see so many similarities between the two organisations!

A few members of the Lumoa Team were already Huel enthusiasts, and Matt spoke about his “desire to have a relationship with partners, working together within a spirit of collaboration, and to also have that flexibility within the partnership to cope with the ever-evolving nature of business”. He believed that Lumoa was on the same page regarding all these aspects and that was incredibly impactful in helping them make their decision to progress with Lumoa’s solution. He also cited Lumoa’s core value of simplicity and how they had “real clarity in their communications which weren’t bogged down in jargon” as another positive which reinforced their choice. 


Matt and Emilija both found onboarding to be quick and easy, with Matt saying: “Lumoa met all goals and timeframes, and if there were ever any delays they were most certainly on our end!” Emilija added: “Throughout the relationship, the support has amazing and pretty much instant. This has built up so much trust. Lumoa has made suggestions along the way – little ideas and fixes that we really value a lot”. 


Huel now uses Lumoa’s feedback analysis to help everyone in the organisation understand how customers feel about their products and service. They communicate insights from Lumoa to ensure that there is transparency about NPS throughout the business, with the CX Team speaking at all Hueligan meetings and using Lumoa’s dashboard to share the voice of the customer with everyone, including the Senior Leaders within the organisation.

Lots of Hueligans are hearing about Lumoa and asking for access to the service, with Huel’s Marketing Director and Data Scientist logging in regularly and performing their own ad-hoc investigations. Emilija reports that everyone who uses the platform has found it to be “super easy to understand and comprehensive”. They have really embedded the use of Lumoa in their day to day operations and have seen the business benefit in a number of crucial areas.


  1. They have appointed Insights Champions for specific issues (e.g. payments, nutrition etc.) and they use insights from Lumoa to help drive improvement initiatives in these particular areas.  This focus has resulted in the number of negative contacts being reduced by 10%. 
  2. Huel Black Edition, now one of their most popular products, was developed after listening to customer feedback about wanting a powder with a higher protein ratio and no artificial sweeteners. Lumoa is continuously providing actionable product insights, with the result that Huel is currently considering 4 or 5 new products. Emilija says: “Huel is now using feedback and data to drive these product conversations, which wasn’t the case previously”. 
  3. Huel has been able to use Lumoa to see how response times affect their NPS score. They have discovered that a 2 to 3-hour reduction in response rate equates to a 2-3-point increase in NPS, so this is now an even bigger focus for the business. 
  4. They can now also see how product taste relates to their NPS score for each product, which they could never do before, and make changes based on this data. 
  5. Huel has a new manufacturer and is using Lumoa to track whether this is having an impact on customer experience.
  6. The business is currently able to use Lumoa to track and see if COVID-19 is having an impact on customer experience.
  7. Alerts have been set up so that a ticket is created in Zendesk in real time when feedback is received in Lumoa, allowing for a personalised response to be sent based on whether the customer is a detractor, passive or promoter. This ensures that the inner loop is closed quickly and Huel can focus on dealing with issues as they happen, so that their detractors and passives and become promoters in the future. It also means that they can easily show their promoters some love when they give them good feedback.


When asked about Return on Investment (ROI) with regards to Lumoa, Matt indicated that he was confident that “given the business impact to date that ROI would be up in the 10x region”. Sales have gone up by 50% this year and “Lumoa has given Huel the ability to keep on top of customer feedback and use it to evolve and become better even in times of exponential growth”. He added that Lumoa has “changed the game at Huel and we actually can finally use our NPS to drive change.” 

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