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One.Com Turns Insights Into Strategic Advantages With Lumoa is an innovative supplier of web hosting services that was established in 2002 in Denmark. With over 1.5M customers in 149 countries, the company is a leader within the provision of domain name and web hosting services.


Mikkel Nedza, Head of Business Excellence at, wanted to understand how their customers experienced their services. Upon joining two years ago, Mikkel quickly realized that they lacked a clear understanding of their customers’ needs.

Mikkel Nedza, Head of Business Excellence at

At that point, the only customer feedback that was asking for was after customer service interactions. This meant that they got a very narrow view of their customers’ experiences since the feedback they received came from just 10% of their customers and was given after a very specific interaction.

Feedback from the remaining 90% of the customer base across most of the customer journey was not systematically collected. “We needed to go beyond that to get a holistic view of the overall customer experience, building a systematic and consistent way to track and act upon customer experience”, comments Mikkel.

Solution considered different vendors and even conducted a pilot with another NPS collection system. They found it easy to use when collecting NPS feedback, but more cumbersome to extract the insights needed to turn customer data into action. Analyzing customer feedback was complex and time consuming. They quickly realized that they required a more intelligent solution because of the complexity of their data, which was in large volumes and in many different languages. found several platforms that could be used to collect feedback with, but their analytics capabilities weren’t good enough. “As soon as your feedback volumes start to increase, they are not suitable to use since you are not able structure the insights in a clever way – they are just not smart enough” comments Mikkel. wanted an intelligent solution that could save them time and money, and a solution that would allow anyone in their organization to act on customer feedback.

“We are successfully utilizing AI in other parts of our organization and we have learned that, when done right, it can provide a lot of value for the company” Mikkel states.

Lumoa stood out because of their advanced analytics and their focus on simplicity and business impact. “With Lumoa’s AI based solution, we ensure consistent insights in real time with no effort whatsoever”, asserts Mikkel.


The onboarding process with Lumoa went very smoothly. “We started with the baseline. We needed to understand our customers’ overall experience and now we are receiving thousands of customer responses every month. Next, we are going to expand into different touchpoints and brands that we own”. “The Lumoa team is always there if we need them, and we have certainly benefitted from their expertise in customer experience when making difficult decisions on how to set-up our Customer Experience related internal processes. We feel we are in very good hands”, says Mikkel.

Result has now a complete view of their customers’ overall experience and is able to turn the insights that Lumoa provides into a strategic advantage. They have a clear understanding of what areas they should prioritize and can verify that their strategic initiatives and plans are geared in the right direction.

A surprising benefit has been the value of understanding positive feedback. “The positive feedback shows how relevant we are to our customers and the importance of our daily operations. It has become a source of pride and inspiration for us” says Mikkel.  “Moreover, understanding the positive drivers of customer experience is extremely valuable because, once we know our strengths, it is easier for us to build on them to solve our challenges.”

Finally, Mikkel concludes, “Lumoa has set a great foundation for to understand our overall customer base and to help us prioritize our customer experience initiatives. Now, when we take on initiatives to improve customer experience, we can monitor the impact of those initiatives in real-time, thanks to Lumoa. We are extremely happy with the partnership and really looking forward to extending the reach of Lumoa to cover our whole customer journey”.

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