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Lumoa Is The Optimal Choice For A Fast Growing Company

Simple Feast is a Copenhagen-Denmark-based company operating a ready-to-eat meal delivery service. It was founded in 2014 with a vision of getting Danes to make more food at home.

The founders were always extremely climate-conscious and in 2017 the business took the plunge, saying goodbye to meat and focusing solely on a plant-based offering. The team responsible for developing their plant-based menu have worked in Michelin starred restaurants in Denmark and abroad, and the company is constantly innovating to improve the sustainability of its product. In 2018 Simple Feast launched in the biggest cities in Sweden, and there are huge plans underway to expand into the US this year.


One of Simple Feast’s frustrations was in overviewing customer feedback. They wanted to be as focused on their customers as possible and to make the customer experience central to everything that they did, so that ultimately, they could achieve their stretch growth ambitions. Their customer feedback was increasing in volume, making it difficult to manually analyse.

Andreas Mikkelsen, Head of Customer Experience and Insights, wanted to automate the analysis, using a tool that allowed them to map the feedback that they received to relevant categories and to the appropriate stage in the customer journey. He strongly believes that “you are not a mature company if you think you are doing the best that you can- you need data to show this”.


Andreas started his initial search online and didn’t know what he was looking for, but he soon found information on a lot of tools that used AI and Machine Learning on open ended feedback. He ended up considering around 15 different tools in total. He spent hours and hours researching these tools, creating a spreadsheet to help him gather all the relevant information in one place and aid his decision making. One of the things that he found difficult was getting pricing from all the providers as this necessitated lots of emailing back and forth and was a very time-consuming part of the process.

He discovered was that it was very tempting to look at tools that do almost everything, with fancy surveying capabilities and multiple attractive looking dashboards. However, he eventually narrowed his decision criteria down to what he needed most. He needed a tool that provided accurate text analysis and an easy way to understand what Simple Feast’s customers were saying. The service needed to be “clean and simple, user friendly and nice to use”.  He said: “Ultimately it was an easy choice.  And it is a great testament to Lumoa that after so much deliberation and research we ultimately chose it as our customer experience management platform”.

Some tools that he ruled out were super expensive and therefore totally prohibitive for a growth company. “Lumoa’s pricing took into consideration that we are a growth company, and this also made the choice easy”. Others were more focused on the actual research rather than providing actionable insights. Some required manual tagging of categories and given that Simple Feast wanted to reduce manual work this was a deal-breaker.


During the Lumoa onboarding process Andreas felt that Simple Feast was in safe hands at all times, as the Lumoa team were experts in the area of CX and super-fast to respond. He really saw a benefit in “just getting started”. Initially, he had issues convincing others in the Simple Feast team that a CX Management tool like Lumoa would be helpful and worth investing in, but this has changed since people have seen how the platform is working. Andreas commented that “the overview that Lumoa provides means that value can be seen immediately”

Andreas was quick to validate the Lumoa service by uploading historic data that he had already manually analyzed, where he already knew the issues that were driving CX up and down. When this data was analyzed in Lumoa he could see all the issues that he had painstakingly identified (through spending hours manually going through the data) being highlighted, with feedback going into appropriate categories and telling the correct story of what was going on with the customer experience at that time. This gave him a great confidence in the Lumoa solution and meant that the Simple Feast team were even more sure that they had made the right decision! The fact that this process was automated and could take place in real time also created value straight away.

Other benefits so far according to the team at Simple Feast have been Lumoa’s translation capabilities which have enabled them to analyze their Swedish feedback at the touch of one button. Lumoa has provided them with customized categories and topics that they can track such as “delivery times” and “freshness of ingredients” which have also proven to be very powerful.

The Simple Feast team are excited about their future relationship with Lumoa. Next steps involve embedding the tool even more within their day to day operations, as well as spreading out the insights generated and sharing with stakeholders so that they can use them on a more strategic level.  

Andreas says: “We want to work with Lumoa to utilize the full potential of the software, creating routines for management and different departments and teams within our organization”. He also wants to introduce more data sources, such as the churn survey that that company conducts.  The thinking behind this is that Lumoa’s ability to aggregate data sources will help them to find trends that will assist with predicting customers at risk of churn, so they can address issues before it’s too late.

Andreas is confident that “Lumoa will show Simple Feast trends and how CX is changing over time.  By using Lumoa’s AI-powered analytics to help understand feedback and categorizing the feedback in a smart way, Simple Feast will be able to see the bigger picture with regards to CX and use this to develop the business.”

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