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Keeping A Finger On The Pulse Of Their Customers

Simple Feast is a Copenhagen-Denmark-based company operating a ready-to-eat meal delivery service. It was founded in 2014 with a vision of getting Danes to make more food at home.

The founders have always been extremely climate-conscious and in 2017 the business took the plunge, saying goodbye to meat and focusing solely on a plant-based offering. The team responsible for developing their plant-based menu has worked in Michelin starred restaurants in Denmark and abroad, and they are constantly innovating to improve the sustainability of its product. In 2018 Simple Feast launched in the biggest cities in Sweden, and there are plans underway to expand into the US this year.

Use case

Simple Feast selected Lumoa to be their go-to CX management platform, allowing them to generate reports about what their customers were talking about and make actionable changes to their strategies in response. Click here to read more about why Simple Feast chose Lumoa over other vendors!

Andreas Mikkelsen, Head of Customer Experience and Insights at Simple Feast

In this second case study with Simple Feast, Andreas Mikkelsen, Head of Customer Experience and Insights, shares the experiences of using Lumoa, explains how Lumoa has impacted their day to day work, and the challenges Lumoa has helped Simple Feast overcome.

Lumoa in practice

Simple Feast sends it’s meal delivery boxes to their customers every Sunday, and Andreas uses this weekly period to track what his customers are talking about on a per meal basis. He uses Lumoa as a source for generating his weekly reporting. Each Monday, he logs into Lumoa and goes over the previous weeks statistics like the amount of feedback, overall NPS score, and highly rated topics such as Taste. By combining those metrics with internal ones, Andreas can follow what dishes their customers like best, what ingredients might be lacking, and if the method of delivery is affecting customer sentiment.

The weekly report is also something that is delivered to the rest of his team. This gives those who might not be able to see Lumoa, a concrete and accurate statistic into how the previous weeks meal went, why it went that way, and where they might need to improve. “Lumoa is my way of sharing customer insights, it is useful and valuable to the company” says Andreas. 

Andreas also mentions on how quickly and helpful Lumoa staff had been to get his reporting up and running. He had some challenges when deciding what metrics he should be using, methods to display the data, and what key stakeholders might be interested in seeing. Lumoa’s team of CX experts were able to help him set up a reporting format in almost no time at all, which he still uses to this day. 

Churn is a very important metric for Simple Feast. With them being a subscription-based company, they need to keep an eye on how many customers cancel the service after just a few orders. “It’s easy to determine the churn causes in Lumoa” says AndreasThrough using the tool, they have been able to determine an accurate cause of their churn, and in the future, as they take steps to try and mitigate that churn, they will also use Lumoa to track whether or not their efforts are successful. 


In addition, it’s very important for Simple Feast to be able to control and monitor the customer journey. “Every colleague should think about the customer in whatever task they have” says Andreas. He believes that getting the customer journey defined, and being able to monitor each stage, is crucial for the overall health of the customer experience. One of the reasons why he signed on with Lumoa is because he believes that we can be the platform to give him an overview of his customer journey. 


Another thing that Andreas highlights are the frequent development updates to features, UI, and AI that Lumoa makes to the platform. “It’s great where you can suggest something or talk about something, and the feature is coming in a few weeks, and then it actually does!” Andreas is referring to our new feature where you can change the category associated with open text feedback, something he himself had suggested to Lumoa! 

The frequent development updates and regular changes to the platform are something that he has been very excited to learn more about. Lumoa releases new updates to the platform every two weeks, sometimes with minor features, and other times with sweeping platform improvements and additions. He is very excited to see where the future of Lumoa will take him, and feels like the comments and feedback he gives to the Lumoa team are things that we take into consideration.

With incoming feedback about the Lumoa platform being acted on, frequent development updates, and a robust analysis tool for the customer journey, Andreas feels confident about his partnership. 

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