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Telia Used Lumoa To Increase CSAT By 30%, Leading To Additional Revenue And Driving Customer Centricity

Telia Company is the New Generation Telco. With 20,800 talented employees and +8Bn€ in revenue, they serve millions of customers every day in the Nordics – one of the world’s most connected regions.

Headquartered in Stockholm, the heart of innovation and technology, Telia is set to change the industry and bring the world even closer for their customers.


Drive sales and customer loyalty with the help of customer feedback from multiple channels  

Customer loyalty and satisfaction are at the center of Telia’s strategy. To implement it, they needed an easy and scalable way to consolidate different sources of customer feedback, generate insights, and empower every individual in the organization to take action to drive loyalty and satisfaction.   

The goal was that each department would have access to insights in real-time, so they could quickly pinpoint areas for improvement and measure how their actions impact customer satisfaction and revenue.

Due to Telia’s scale and broad offering, their challenge was tackling thousands of customer responses across multiple channels to identify the most important focus areas and empowering employees to act on them.

“Lumoa is an extremely easy-to-use tool. It allows us to consolidate customer input from different channels. It also helps us optimize our services by finding concrete root causes of any issues”, says Jani Heinola, who is currently managing people transformation and culture change in Telia.

Jani Heinola, Planning and Strategy of Digital Channels at Telia


Easy-to-use tool that gives concrete results  

To pilot Lumoa’s technology, Telia started with one specific area of feedback they used to categorize manually. It soon became obvious that Lumoa provided very good results and was extremely easy to use and set-up, so Telia decided to add different data sources and touchpoints for B2B and B2C customers, and for internal tools. 

“Setting up Lumoa was very easy and fast. Lumoa’s team always supported us with the technical implementation as well as with recommendations around CX best practices and training,” adds Jani Heinola. 


Democratizing Customer Insights & Growing Sales 

Currently Telia has consolidated multiple data sources and are adding more all the time as people in the organization become aware of the benefits of Lumoa.

Thanks to Lumoa’s role and team-specific reporting capabilities, Jani has created a dashboard for management to track CX, so goals can be followed daily. 

“My team was getting a lot of feedback from multiple sources, so it was hard to grasp what issues we needed to fix”, says Kalle Micklin, Product Owner at Telia.

Kalle Micklin, Product Owner at Telia

 “We got the benefit from Lumoa right away”, continues Kalle Micklin. “I saw a recurring topic in the feedback that posed a bigger challenge than others. I already suspected this might be the case, but Lumoa made the high priority of it more visible and obvious.”  
Kalle’s team embodies the essence of growth hacking. Every system has small glitches but taken separately they might not be big enough to come up in conversations or emails. Lumoa combines these separate signals to pinpoint issues – however small – that are affecting the users the most. By relentlessly focusing on fixing small issues, they achieved outstanding results. 
“We started off with a CSAT score of 3.5/5 half a year ago”, adds Kalle Micklin. “Thanks to insights from Lumoa, we gradually improved a lot of small issues and now we’re at 4.5/5. We’ve also received a lot of feedback from our salespeople highlighting that our tool has improved significantly.”  

Building on this experience, dozens of teams have now taken up Lumoa to measure and track customer experience.  

“We are no longer limited to one team curating customer insights”, says Jani Heinola.  “Now everyone has an easy-to-use tool to see and act on CX data. This is the great part about Lumoa – we can measure and track the improvement on the actions we make.” 

“On a team level, developers and team members have been very excited to understand what users think about our tool”, adds Kalle Micklin. “We used to rely on service designers for this information. Now our developers check Lumoa to see what users are saying and are more motivated to find solutions to fix them. It’s also empowering to see negative feedback disappear after you introduced some changes.” 

Lumoa has helped Kalle’s team to increase sales too. “We had issues with one of our user groups. With Lumoa we got a more exact understanding of what we needed to fix. Improving the speed of our tool had a significant impact on that user group’s sales and we also raised satisfaction among the people.”

Lumoa also helps Telia at a strategic level as they now use it to set up and track annual targets on a consumer and enterprise-level, reporting CSAT and NPS scores on a monthly level to the CEO.  

“Lumoa has transformed our internal mindset to truly become a company that focuses on customer experience. Ease of use and the ability for each team to improve their area through customer insights are the main reasons why so many have adopted the tool internally. It is one of the many concrete examples of how Telia systematically focuses on improving our customer experience”, says Jani Heinola.  

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