How Lumoa's AI based NPS driver analytics can help Connected Devices companies


Connected devices, such as phones, tablets, computers and wearables, are often very personal and important for their owners. If your business is in connected devices, you typically get a lot of feedback especially after new product launches or releases. The challenge is to make sense of it globally and start immediately fixing issues that most strongly drive your customer experience down.

Benefits of Lumoa service


Fast: Analyse massive amount of the feedback in multiple languages at once.

Focused: Make your product launches more successful by reacting to feedback and fixing the most pressing issues first.


Actionable: Share the dashboard with the whole organization to enable coordinated effort towards a better customer experience.

Use cases

Automated insights. Get automated daily insights right after the product launches or new release becomes available.

Shared understanding on customer experience. Ensure that the product & marketing managers share the understanding of the most pressing issues in the customer experience.

Fact based resourcing. Prioritize development and assign resources based on the fact-based understanding of the most critical factors driving the Net Promoter Score up or down (e.g. product features, competition, price, customer service).