Real-time customer feedback analytics and prioritization

Receive customer feedback and insight analytics in real time and speed up your business cycle. Prioritize the matters in a simple and time-effective manner.

Customer experience tool for dental clinics dashboard
Understand what drives your customer experience and prioritise improvement areas in a time-effective manner

Understand what drives your customer experience

Find out the trends behind your scores. Stop guessing, learn exactly why your customers are happy or unhappy, improve your services and gain high reputation.

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Receive insights about both digital channels and traditional bank branches in one dashboard.


All your digital channels and bank branches in one place

Understand the customer experience and impact of your new digital touchpoints - mobile banking and bank apps, and compare them to the efficiency of the physical bank branches with the help of a single dashboard.

Make new business decisions based on your customer feedback.


improve existing concepts and perfect new ideas 

Find out the improvement areas and verify new concepts utilizing your existing customer feedback. Bring customer feedback to the discussion table and to the company-wide workshops.


Leading brands within banking and financial services
such as OP bank, Simple and Holvi rely on Lumoa