How Lumoa's AI based NPS driver analytics can help companies in Banking and Insurance


The financial sector, including banks and insurance companies, is going through fast digitalization phase where more and more of the communications and transactions take place utilizing digital channels.

Digitalization provides a great opportunity to be closer to customers across all touchpoints and to speed up the improvements. One-on-one interactions in the front line remain crucial but digital customer feedback allows fast and easy identification of the most impactful NPS drivers on the corporate level, between financial products and branches.

Benefits of Lumoa service


Fast: Get organized and instant insights on the corporate level from massive amounts of feedback.


Focused: Easily drill down to the customer experience drivers for each of your branches, physical and digital channels and customer segments.


Actionable: Reduce customer churn by identifying and contacting the customers who have a high risk of churning.

Use cases

Contact customers in a critical stage. Automatically identify customers that have stated interest for exchanging provider, still waiting for issue resolution or asking to be contacted.

Learn from best performers. Find the best performing branches to share best practices across your corporation.

Quantify the value of service mindset to customer experience. Understand how much the service mindset of your employees influences the Net Promoter Score.