Lead your customer experience to perfection

Focus on perfecting your customer experience with an easy-to-install and simple-to-use software. Take actions based on your customer feedback and make your patients happier.

Customer experience tool for dental clinics dashboard
Aquadental Megaklinikka Customer Experience Tool
Find out what your customers and patients think about the service of your health station or hospital


Understand all THAT drives your customer experience

Improve customer retention by solving the key issues immediately. Stop guessing, learn exactly why your customers are happy or unhappy, improve your services and build great reputation.

Cegment your customer feedback with the filters of your choice


segment your feedback with the filters of your choice

Find out what different segments of customers think about you. Segment the feedback by the clinics, doctors, billing amount, type of services and more.

Customer feedback analytics software in healthcare


Find out both unique issues and repetitive patterns

Identify both repetitive customer experience patterns and unique customer issues. Address negative customer feedback both on scale and individually.

"Now I can concentrate on planning solutions to the problems of the customers without the frustration of analyzing the data and classifying feedback by myself."
Kaisa Mikkola Megaklinikka

Kaisa Mikkola

Head of the Clinic, Megaklinikka


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