Real-time customer feedback analytics

Receive customer feedback from all over the world and analyze insights with the help of one simple dashboard instantly.

Customer experience tool for dental clinics dashboard
Understand what drives your customer experience and prioritise improvement areas in a time-effective manner


Understand what impacts your customer experience

Prioritize development and assign resources based on a fact-based understanding of the most critical factors driving Net Promoter Score up or down (e.g. product features, competition, price, customer service).

Receive insights about both digital channels and traditional bank branches in one dashboard.


Analyze your customer feedback in 60+ languages

Find out the what your customers from all around the world think about your product. Analyse massive amount of the feedback in multiple languages at once and identify the global and regional trends for your company.

Make new business decisions based on your customer feedback.


 get feedback for particular products and touchpoints

Get laser-focus insights on your customer feedback by filtering down to a customer segment or product version. Compare customer satisfaction among different segments and identify the best and worst performers.

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