How Lumoa's AI based NPS driver analytics can help SaaS and Software companies


If your business is SaaS or software, you know that retaining your customers is the key for success. The less time you spend on identifying the most pressing issues and the more time you have to fix the them, the higher the customer lifetime value of your customers.  

Benefits of Lumoa´s service


Fast: Get feedback immediately after new product release.

Focused: Automate the customers feedback analytics and drill down to selected feedback categories.

Actionable: Increase customer lifetime value by focusing the improvements on the things that matter the most.

Learn how to implement a successful Customer Experience strategy

 if you're a SaaS business by example of our customer.

Use cases

Automated insights. Get automated daily insights right after the new release becomes available.

Fact based resourcing. Prioritize development and assign resources based on a fact-based understanding of the most critical factors driving Net Promoter Score up or down (e.g. product features, competition, price, customer service).

Improve effectiveness of customer communications.  Utilize the feedback for creating more effective communications with potential and existing customers and to lower your CAC and improve CLV.