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Here's how we help you to track your all customer experience insights in one place.

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Focus on Action

We tell you what impacts your customer experience positively and negatively. You can focus on improvement while our AI engine takes care of suggesting you prioritized development areas. 


Categories Matching Your Business

Our analytics is built for leaders and managers whose focus is on the business - not in analytics.  We categorize your feedback into categories relevant for your business and industry.  


AI Makes The Analysis Fast and Cost-Effective

We use machine learning and other AI technologies to get to the actionable results to you in seconds and in a cost effective manner.  


Easy Integration

Our team helps you set up our service with ease. Our open APIs ensure that we'll get the data flowing back and forth almost instantly. 


60+ Languages

Our analytics speaks your language. You'll get immediate customer experience insights across 60+ languages.


GDPR Matching Privacy

No need to worry. Lumoa software fulfills the regulatory requirements of EU GDPR directive.  

Take your customer experience to the next level

Join us on a track to world-class customer experience!

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"Lumoa confirmed our thoughts on what should be prioritized for both product and service. We receive the actionable insights fast and the use of the service is extremely straightforward.”

Ella Tyrväinen

Customer Success, Vainu.io

Lumoa for Industries

Our software is used in many industries and

each integration is tailored for the specifics of the industry.



Customer experience is the key for success in healthcare industry. Now, the industry is highly competitive and customer experience in many cases is the deciding factor for where patients go to get care.

By focusing on its customers, healthcare providers can go above and beyond to create satisfied patients. You need tools to be on top of the feedback every day and capabilities to react on it fast - to ensure that the next patient gets the perfect experience and is willing to share the most positive review on your business.


Banking and Insurance

The financial sector, including banks and insurance companies, is going through fast digitalization phase where more and more of the communications and transactions take place utilizing digital channels.

Digitalization provides a great opportunity to be closer to customers across all touchpoints and to speed up the improvements. One-on-one interactions in the front line remain crucial but digital customer feedback allows fast and easy identification of the most impactful NPS drivers on the corporate level, between financial products and branches.


 Connected devices, such as phones, tablets, computers and wearables, are often very personal and important for their owners. If your business is in connected devices, you typically get a lot of feedback especially after new product launches or releases. The challenge is to make sense of it globally and start immediately fixing issues that most strongly drive your customer experience down. 


If your business is SaaS or software, you know that retaining your customers is the key for success. The less time you spend on identifying the most pressing issues and the more time you have to fix the them, the higher the customer lifetime value of your customers.  


Get on a track to world-class customer experience!