Our Story

Lumoa is a startup in Helsinki, Finland. Our background is in customer experience in global corporations. Today, we are the pioneers of actionable customer experience management in Northern Europe.  

We help companies to understand and benefit from the customer feedback and connect their actions to the prosperity and happiness of their customers. We are growing fast and invite you to join our journey as a user or even a team member.

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10 years ago

For over 10 years, our founders were building customer experience measurement and management systems during their careers at Nokia and Microsoft.

These companies needed a robust system to process very large amounts of feedback in dozens of languages in real time. It was essential to make the data actionable despite of its large volume. 

Lumoa was built on that expertise and founded in 2016 by Johanna, Suvi and Carlos.


Meet the Founders

Johanna Sinkkonen Lumoa

Johanna Sinkkonen

Co-founder & CEO

Johanna has 10+ years of experience in strategy, operational development, business management, portfolio & product planning.

Johanna loves empowering people to change the world.

Suvi Lindfors Lumoa

Suvi Lindfors

Co-founder & Sales

Suvi has 10+ years of experience of driving consumer focus both within corporations & via consulting.

Suvi loves helping customers and solving their problems.

Carlos del Corral Lumoa

Carlos del Corral

Co-founder & Customer Success

Carlos has 10+ years of experience in product development, especially in driving product and portfolio improvements with data based insights. 

Carlos loves creating beautiful experiences.


The Lumoans

Lumoa is built by a fantastic team of incredible talents with the background in customer experience, technology and startups.

We are passionate about improving customer experience. We are here for you.







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