About Lumoa

Lumoa is a Helsinki-based technology startup founded in 2016. We provide an online service for collecting and analyzing customer feedback. Our analytics utilizes AI and Machine Learning.

We believe in a better customer experience for every company. Johanna, Suvi and Carlos had been building customer experience measurement and management system earlier in their careers when they worked for Nokia and later on for Microsoft. Both of those companies needed a robust system to process very large amounts of feedback in dozens of languages. It was essential to make the data actionable despite of its large volume. 

We have seen the gap in the CX market and want to decrease the delivery gap by providing a fast-lane to fix the broken customer experience end-to-end process.

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Meet the Lumoans

Suvi lindfors

Co-founder, sales

Suvi has 10+ years of experience of driving consumer focus both within corporations & via consulting.

Suvi loves helping customers and solving their problems.

Contact: suvi@lumoa.me

Carlos del Corral

Co-founder, product

Carlos has 10+ years of experience in product development, especially in driving product and portfolio improvements with data based insights. 

Carlos loves creating beautiful experiences.

Contact: carlos@lumoa.me

Johanna Sinkkonen

Co-founder, business

Johanna has 10+ years of experience in strategy, operational development, business management, portfolio & product planning.

Loves empowering people to change the world.

Contact: johanna@lumoa.me

Sinan Inel


Sinan has been building software for the last 20 years. He combines technical background with business sense into building innovative solutions that make a difference.

Contact: sinan@lumoa.me


Akseli Kilponen

Product Manager

Akseli has a background in startups, working as a product manager in a fast growing startup. 

He loves to transform customer needs into product requirements.

Contact: akseli@lumoa.me

Anna Pogrebniak

Digital Marketing Specialist

Anna has been involved in the Finnish startup ecosystem and helped various startups to establish and execute digital marketing strategy.

Contact: anna@lumoa.me

Jose Miguel Bejarano

Frontend Developer

Jose has a vast experience of working in scaling startups. He has 10+ years of frontend development experience.

Contact: jose@lumoa.me 


Riitta Pennala

Linguistics Project Manager

Riitta develops categorization for your analytics. She has a Ph.D in psycho-linguistics and speech sound perception.

Contact: riitta@lumoa.me

Aki Väliaho

Backend developer

Aki has been working as a software developer in the past mainly with JVM-technologies in multiple domains. He participates in open source projects on his free time.

Contact: aki@lumoa.me

Ekaterina Melnichikhina

Sales Specialist

Ekaterina is an international sales and market development specialist with 10 years in tech industries. Skilled in strategic marketing and B2B sales.

Contact: ekaterina@lumoa.me

The problem and Lumoa's solution

According to Bain & Consulting, 80% of companies believe they deliver a superior experience. However, only 8% of their customers felt that they received a superior experience. This makes for an astounding 72% difference that Bain labels as the delivery gap.  Lumoa helps companies decrease the delivery gap by providing a fast-lane to fix the broken customer experience end-to-end process by helping companies to:

  1. Collect customer feedback: Set-up an automated and continuous satisfaction tracker (NPS) for all your company´s digital assets
  2. Understand and act upon the feedback: Review daily progress focusing only on what matters, creating daily insights with our automated advanced analytics engine
  3. Engage back to customers: Engage with customers based on their feedback to maximise revenue and customer experience with just a few clicks