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Discover how our AI turns your customer feedback into customer centricity and growth.


5,000,000+ Pieces of Customer Feedback

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How it works


Focuses you on impact

Impact Analysis™ moves your company from surveys to significant business impact.


PrioritizeS confidently

Not all CX activities are equal, some efforts may not be worth the investment. Our AI will help you prioritize highest value actions and interventions in your customer journey.


EngageS your team

Reporting that is simpler, easier to understand and easier to act on helping you establish trust with your stakeholders and change your culture.


Helps you design and deliver memorable experiences

Marry vital information from various sources with deep customer empathy to redefine your business.

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Connect and operationalize your customer feedback

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And many more...


”We are able to proactively solve customer problems instead of spending days working to understand the data”

Jarno Nousiainen,
User Research Lead at Holvi

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Discover how Lumoa's AI Platform makes it easy to drive immediate customer centricity and growth.

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