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Lumoa Integration with HubSpot

Do you have your whole customer base in HubSpot? Great!

No need for separate survey tool, get results directly to Lumoa dashboard with HubSpot email automation.

Step-by-step Guide

1. Request and receive the HTML code from your account manager

2. Create a basic email and insert the HTML source code

You can do that by inserting the code via the “source code“ button

3. Add background variables to the HTML code

In the code you will find the NPS scale from 0-10 coded in table. Create background variables by adding the URL parameters into each of 11 links. Format: filter name={{personalisation_token}}

Hubspot + Lumoa

4. Finalize the email and set up the sending rules.

Example of email sent through HubSpot

Example of email sent through HubSpot


1. How to create personalisation tokens?

Personalisation token is filled with any property information that you have in your CRM. In order to create the personalisation tokens you will need the property’s information: group name and internal name (Settings -> Properties). Format: groupname.internalname

2. Will my customers see the background variables?

Yes, they will be able to see the personalisation token value in the URL of the feedback survey.

3. How to add comment box to the email?

The comment box is shown only in the survey web form and is accessible once a customer chooses a particular NPS score.