Lumoa Product Tour

Empower every employee in your organization to make the right decisions based on Voice of the Customer data. 


What You Can Do With Lumoa?

Lumoa is a customer insight platform that automatically generates customer insights
that help you make better decisions and measure the impact of investments using customer feedback.

All VoC in one platform

Have all your Voice of the Customer sources, such as surveys, reviews, chat, customer support tickets, emails, social media, and manage them all in one platform.

Eliminate manual work

Find actionable and relevant insights from customer data without the need of manually tagging words. Analyze text and feedback at scale in 60+ different languages.

Identify issues in your customer experience

Find important insights from your VoC data and see exactly what, and by how much, different topics drive your customer experience up or down.

Share insights across the organization

Easily share customer insights with your colleagues. Share team- and function-specific, such as insights related to product development, marketing or customer support, etc. 

Close the loop with customers

Create triggers and automatic workflows that let you know when something is wrong. Close the loop by following up and acting on feedback in real-time.

Validate decisions

Make decisions and validate investments based on data to ensure positive ROI. 

What Customers Say About Us

With Lumoa you can easily overview all your data in UI and we can examine the data however we want, and track how different parts in the organizations impacts each other.

Kati Packalén, Head of Customer Experience at Postnord

Lumoa is an extremely easy-to-use tool. It allows us to consolidate customer input from different channels. It also helps us optimize our services by finding concrete root causes of any issues.

 Jani Heinola, Planning & Strategy of Digital Channels at Telia

Now, when we take on initiatives to improve customer experience, we can monitor the impact of those initiatives in real-time, thanks to Lumoa.

Mikkel Nedza, Head of Business Excellence at