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Impact Factors Lumoa

Understand what drives your customer experience up or down.

Customer feedback segmentation

Segment your customer feedback with the filters tailored to your company.

Customer feedback in multiple languages

Analyse your customer feedback in 60+ languages.


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"We nearly doubled our NPS within 6 months of using Lumoa. Now we get to know what went well and, more importantly, what went wrong in real time. This gives us a much better understanding and we can take actions straight away.”

Juha Nieminen, COO at Heltti

Juha Nieminen, COO at Heltti

“Lumoa gave us an easy system to know what stands behind NPS and made customer voice visible on all layers of service. Now we get a closer look at customers’ pain points, and at the same time, we see the positive feedback and know what our strengths are”

Riitta Vuorelma Iho Terveystalo

Riitta Vuorelma-Iho, Director of Customer Experience at Terveystalo