NPS Analysis

NPS is not just a score. Understanding why your customers are happy or unhappy is the main reason why you should ask for feedback in the first place.

When your customer give you feedback, they expect it to be read. They expect it to be treated individually and respectfully. They expect actions and communication. But it might be easier said than done – if you get a lot of NPS feedback.

Analyzing tens of thousands individual feedback comments might be not only tiring but resourceful and time-consuming. That's where NPS analytics software come into play.


Lumoa NPS Analysis Software

Know where to prioritize

Our AI prioritizes your customer feedback in a way that helps you grow your customer base, retain and increase existing customer value and do more with less.

Find new insights

Your dashboards will let you track impact, increase cross collaboration and builds trust by demonstrating value to your business.

Industry specific AI

As experts, we know that fit matters. We have optimized our AI so that it delivers on your organizations unique strategic and operational objectives.