The platform


A platform that makes it easy to prioritize and invest in memorable brand, product and customer experiences.


Surveys and more
Ensure consistency across channels by capturing feedback from any source: surveys, social media, chat, calls, customer support and app reviews. 

Online reputation
Protect your brand with instant visibility into your customers’ sentiment across Facebook, Trustpilot, Amazon, Playstore, Google reviews, App store, etc.


Scale your CX program to avoid creating a heavy burden on program administrators and reduce the risk of human errors. 

Import and export data easily by integrating tools with Lumoa. Create automated alerts and notifications for certain feedback or behavior and let your work become as effortless as possible. 

Have an aggregated view of all your data in one place. Manage easily all your data sources with the intuitively designed dashboard. Compare data sources or categories and find trends.


Align topics with quantitative data
Analyze key topics and sentiment alongside quantitative measures to find the root causes of customer behaviors. 

Text Analysis
Understand the why behind NPS, CSAT, and other metrics. Using machine learning, AI and natural language processing we help uncover customer pain points you never thought to look for. Analyze text in any language. 

Impact Analysis
Understand key drivers of metrics and find out what drives your score up and down and with how much. Prioritize easily the next cx initiatives. 

Make critical strategic decisions faster and with confidence by backing it up with real data. Obtain clarity and focus on the future development of the business.

Drive action

Tell a story
Lumoa’s visually engaging and intuitive dashboard does not simply display data, it makes it quick and easy to communicate and share a story throughout your organization.  

Our design respects the users’ ability to process information. No unnecessary complexity to achieve a clear and consistent message. 

Trigger alerts
Automate alerts based on topic and sentiment to close the loop with upset and at-risk customers. 

Benchmark topic categories and sentiment ratings to set goals for the future.


Invest wisely
Meet your customers’ expectations without spending critical time and resources on initiatives that don’t financially make sense for your company. 

Measure and track performance
Measure the customer, operational and commercial impact of each CX investment. 

Ensure that the entire organization focuses on the same vision and objectives for customer experience.

Connect and operationalize your customer feedback

Let’s increase your revenue!

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