lumoa for Growth

Decide what to measure and turn insights into action.



Surveys and more
Ensure consistency across channels by capturing feedback from any source: surveys, social media, chat, calls, customer support and app reviews. 

Manage your online reputation
Uncover reviews from Trustpilot, Amazon, Playstore, Google reviews, App store, Facebook reviews, G2 crowd etc.


Scale-up by eliminating manual work

Eliminate manual work
Scale your business by eliminating painful manual work that analyzing customer feedback entails. 

Any kind of customer feedback
Get real-time insights and empower the organization. Successfully align key resources around the same objectives and targets.


Focus on the things that matter the most

Allocate your resources right
Avoid spend on initiatives that don’t have an impact on the growth of your business and make sure you only undertake the initiatives that your customers need and want. 

Reach your goals by doing the right things
Ensure reach of your targets to ensure customer retention.


Manage Competing Priorities

Find out what drives your customer experience
Reveal the drivers that have biggest impact on your business so that you can prioritize improvement initiatives easily. Understand the sentiment in each feedback, whether it’s positive or negative and the extent of the feedback. 

Make decisions faster with data
Make critical strategic decisions faster and with confidence by backing them up with real data. Obtain clarity and focus of the future development of the business.


One dashboard One View

One dashboard
Have an aggregated view of all your data in one place. Manage all your data sources easily with the intiutively designed dashboard and compare data sources or categories and find trends. 

Integrate with Lumoa
Import and export data easily by integrating tools with Lumoa. Create automated alerts and notifications for certain types of feedback or behavior and let your work become as effortless as possible.


Be transparent and share insights

Let everyone access customer insights
The intuitive user experience empowers the entire company, from product development to marketing to use the insights for decision making. 

Align your business
Successfully align key resources around the same vision and objectives for your customers.

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