Lumoa Text Mining Software

Customer Centricity Made Simple


Find new customer insights

Lumoa's text minig software helps you find and track CX drivers. Understand what drives your customer experience up and down. Increase cross collaboration and build trust by demonstrating value to your business.

One view Across Channels

Have an aggregated view of all your customer data in one single dashboard. Manage all your data sources, such as NPS-, CES-, CSAT-, Social Media feedback or App reviews with the intuitively designed dashboard.

Know where to prioritize

Our AI prioritizes your customer feedback in a way that helps you grow your customer base, retain and increase existing customer value and do more with less.

Industry specific AI

As experts, we know that fit matters. We have optimized our AI so that it delivers on your organizations unique strategic and operational objectives.

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  • Impact Analysis™
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Industry optimized hierarchical topical analysis
  • Trend and insight comparison
  • Insight per segment and background variable
  • Process data in 60+ different languages
  • Unlimited users
  • Send data via API or as a file