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The Intelligent CX Platform

Customer Centricity
Made Simple

Built from the ground up with AI, Lumoa helps you automatically generate, track and act on insights from your customers, employees and markets.

The best thing is that if you want to improve your customer experience, Lumoa will show you exactly what factors you need to concentrate on.

— Johanna Sarviharju, Chief Experience Officer at Reima

The Intelligent CX Platform

The AI powered CX platform built for impactful business decisions.


Everyone can make a difference. Democratize CX expertise and increase customer-centricity.


Automate your entire process and move faster from data collection to strategic action.


Become more confident in your CX investments by predicting the business impact of your decisions.

Lumoa has been one of the very few cases with such a significantly positive ROI that we can be just proud and happy that we chose it. There is no questioning of it.

Maria Pekkarinen, Global Head Of Consumer Insights at Suunto

Now everybody in the company understands what our customers wish and can make a link between customer feedback and what to do about it.

Jarno Nousiainen, User Research Lead at Holvi

Basically, any team can use Lumoa to improve Outotec’s performance, as Lumoa helps us to find the relevant insights for all user group.

Maarit Kivinen, Director of Customer Insights at Outotec

Avoid These 
Program Failures 

  1. They are not designed with change or innovation in mind.
  2. They move slowly and without purpose.
  3. They have “soft” metrics rather than real business goals.

Emotion Is Still A Blindspot

Knowing what your NPS score is not enough. To know where to spend your time and resources, you need to know why. This is where you need open text feedback. Organizations have tried to deal with open text in two ways: 

1. Do Nothing

2. Manually analyze a sample that does not represent the whole customer base 

We ensure that customer verbatims are not a blind spot in your CX program through automatic categorization and sentiment analysis.