The Intelligent CX Platform

Built from the ground up with AI, Lumoa helps you gain and act on early warning signals across customers, employees and markets.

Only 1/5 feel confident in their ability to make changes to their business based on insights from customer feedback or their ability to review implications that cut across the organization.

Temkin, State of Voice of the Customer Programs, 2019

The Old Way Of CX Analytics Is Not Working

Today companies competitive advantage and differentiation depend on their ability to focus on their customers and employees. Many organizations still focus on collecting feedback and fail to use these insights to change their business. 

We created a customer experience solution for a world with competing priorities and increasing pressure for data.

Three Principles To Avoid CX Program Failure


Everyone can make a difference.


Industry optimized AI that moves your program from data collection to strategic action.


Make confident investments in customer experience efforts by predicting the impact of your decisions.


Everyone can make a difference. Easily share relevant and actionable insights across your organization with the world’s most intuitive dashboard. 

  • Actionable dashboard 
  • Unlimited dashboard users 
  • Insights are personalized by role 
  • No clicks required 
  • Focus on feedback despite competing priorities


Many programs are stuck in collecting feedback but not using it. Our Industry Optimized AI helps you move faster from data collection to strategic action by automating each step of your process: collect, unify, analyze, prioritize, share. 

  • Beyond surveys
  • Marry topics with quantitative data
  • Remove the heavy lifting
  • Activate managers
  • Lead and track
  • Implementation that takes days not months


Reduce time and resources spent on improvements with no business value:

  • Link your customer strategy to your business strategy
  • Clearly see what is driving key metrics up and down and by how much