A platform that makes it easy to prioritize and invest in memorable brand, product and customer experiences.


1 . Collect your data

Create an effective business case based on financial measures that have a proven association with customer experience.

Use existing data collection methods or use our customizable feedback form to collect customer feedback.


2. Connect your feedback

Have an aggregated view of all your data in one simple dashboard view. Manage all your data sources, such as NPS-, CES-, CSAT-, Social Media feedback or App store reviews with the intuitively designed dashboard.

Connect your feedback to Lumoa via your own integrations or use our APIs to send data and get insights in real-time.


3. Analyze your data

Lumoa AI process all of your customer feedback and calculates the impact per feedback category. Analyze feedback in any of our 60+ supported languages.


Lumoa Impact Analysis
The categories are specific to your business and help you to focus on those CX initiatives that matter the most. The impact analysis is a combination of analysis of the sentiment in the feedback and the score the customer has given.

Industry Optimized Categorization
We know that fit matters. We have optimized our AI so that it delivers on your organizations unique strategic and operational objectives. Our industry knowledge is built in by processing millions of feedbacks that enables you to get insights and impact action possibilities that are specific to your business.


4. Generate Insights and Find Trends

The intuitive Nordic design empowers the entire organization to use the insights for decision making and creates accountability to improve CX across the organization.


Real-time Insights
Get real-time insights and reduce time and resources spent on improving things that doesn’t improve your business. With the intuitively designed dashboard, Lumoa make it easy for you to focus on the things that matters the most for your customers.

Successfully align key resources around the same vision and objectives for CX and without any unnecessary complexity.


Follow Feedback Over Time
Track and follow your customer feedback over time. See all trends at once and deep dive inside a particular category to learn root cause for this problem.

Following up on how your actions affect customer happiness has never been easier with our intuitive trendline comparison.

negative impact.png

Compare CX Drivers
Filter your NPS or any other metric in the level of country, city, office or even customer care agent.

Our dedicated comparison dashboard allows you to check how your measurement points fair in selected time period.


5. Share Insights and Follow-up

The Lumoa insight dashboard let’s you share insights and information to increase cross collaboration and build trust by demonstrating value to your business.


Automated Alerts and Notifications
Create automated alerts and notifications to make sure that the right department or responsible persons follow-up on feedback that relates to their responsibilities.

Share the CX Status Accross the Organisation
Lumoa makes it easy for everyone in the organization to understand what your customers think about you. Make them take part in CX improvements and share company-wide or department specific insights.


Connect and operationalize your customer feedback

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Can’t find what you need? You can request a new integration for your field of work.