Lumoa Product News

We act fast on customer feedback and we are constantly developing our platform to ensure maximal customer satisfaction. Here you find the latest product news and updates.

June 2022

Share Dashboards

Ever been in a situation where you needed to give someone else your cards? Maybe a VIP is joining Lumoa, and you want them to start off with a tailored Dashboard? Now you can!

  • Copy any Private Dashboard to get a sharable link
  • Links given to teammates make a Shared Dashboard in their account
  • NEW Lock icon to indicate a Private Dashboard, and new People Icon to indicate a Shared Dashboard (as seen below)

Learn more about the new Dashboard features in our Knowledge Base article.

June 2022

Update Background Data Manually

Admins can now update background data in Lumoa manually 🥳

Ever had a comment that came in from the wrong Business Unit? Or a customer spoke with one agent in a conversation but a different agent resolved the ticket? Now Admins can manually update their feedback to properly reflect where it came from and how!

  • Open a comment and find the tag you want to change
  • Use the Pencil to Edit
  • Hit save and you’re done! 

We also have a guide for this process, and you can see it in action from the GIF below!

June 2022

Search Improvements

You can now use inclusive and exclusive parameters when searching! 🔎

This long requested feature allows you to search, for example, for all comments that contain BOTH the words “price” and “good”. You can even exclude certain words!

  • Using the “+” in your search lets you hunt for multiple words in the same comment
  • Use “-” to exclude certain words that you DONT want to see in the same comment

Review our guide on search in Lumoa to see some concrete examples and start taking advantage of this powerful new feature!

May 2022

New Insights Logic on the Impact Page

We have two new easy ways for you to look at your Insights on the Impact page. These let you find related trends within your data.

  • Related Insights – When people talk about this Insight, they often use these words or phrases in the same feedback
  • Filter Insights – When people are talking about this Insight, they often are associated with these filters.

Check out the guide to read more automatically generated insights in Lumoa.

April 2022

Major update to the Integrations hub

one click integrations with your favourite apps

Lumoa can now pull your web data through an API, with no fees to setup, and it takes just a few minutes!

  • Pull reviews from popular places like Facebook, Zendesk, Trustpilot, Amazon, and more!
  • Not just history – integrations will pull future data the day after it comes in!
  • No code required!

Check out all the integrations below, or Admins can use this link to visit the Survey Hub directly and get started pulling in new data!

You can now bring data to Lumoa from Facebook, Amazon, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and more.
You can now pull data into Lumoa from Amazon, App Store,, Capterra, Facebook, Google Play, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, and Zendesk

Pull over competitors data

Following off of the massive update to the Integrations Hub, we wanted to point out that all of the above integrations target public facing reviews. This means that if your competitors have an app in the App Store, you can put their reviews in Lumoa! 

  • Pull competitor data – View where your competitors are struggling
  • Deep Insights in real time – Use Lumoa AI to get Insights on their data and get a competitive advantage
  • Own the Market – Create Marketable moments about how your business offers solutions to competitors problems

Step by Step guide on Integrating with ANY of the apps above

Do you have an app on the App store, or are you asking for feedback after closing a Zendesk ticket, maybe something else entirely? Get those reviews into Lumoa with our step by step guides, and start analysing the open text today:

The process for getting the data set up is very straightforward, but we wanted to get some guides out their anyway so that the process is as easy as can be!

March 2022

Lumoa renewed its ISO 9001 Certification

Lumoa passed its recent ISO 9001 audit. Essentially, that means we:

  • Handle your data securely and safely
  • Have industry best practices for bugs, issues, and development

Feel free to read more about the ISO certification, and what means, through this link

March 2022

New preview for Lumoa Surveys

Lumoa Surveys through the UI just got a lot better!

  • New Preview gives you a real time view in to your survey
  • Available in any language
  • Complete Feedback Lifecycle – Make the survey, send it to your customers, analyze the results all in Lumoa!

We have lots more planned for our SurveyHub in Lumoa, such as SMS, In Website surveys, and more!

Check out how to create a survey with Lumoa.

New preview for Lumoa Survey tool

February 2022

Better error detection with Excel uploads

For some time now, customers have been able to:

We are now happy to say that we have added new error messaging and detection when uploading Excel data. This should make the process smoother as you’ll know exactly why your Excel might be having issues. 

Better error detection messages when importing data from Excel to Lumoa

February 2022

Update to insights Widget

Our Insights widget has been updated to now have simpler options. Two Insights now exist – Insights by Volume and Trending Insights. 

  • Insights by Volume tells you the most common words and phrases in your data, and whether those phrases are positive or negative 
  • Trending Insights shows you any words or phrases that deviate from a trend, such as a sudden drop in scores associated with a phrase 

You can read more about using the Insights in our article around Insights.

January 2022

New Zendesk Integration

Pull responses directly to Lumoa, no code required! Admins now have the ability to Integrate directly with their Zendesk account through our new Integrations Page! This will allow you to pull all CSAT 1-5 scores, as well as their open text response, into Lumoa where they can be analysed. We can even pull over historic data!

January 2022

New Comparison Page

The Comparison Page got a facelift earlier this month. The page loads faster and has more options, such as being able to compare two different date ranges at a time and multiple different filters! The Comparison page is used to tell you what filter receives the best and the worst feedback across a time period.

As an example, below we have the results from an HR survey, and we can immediately tell that our Marketing team is the happiest and our sales team is the unhappiest.

January 2022

Partners can now create surveys in Lumoa

If you have the role of Partner in Lumoa, you can now create your own surveys directly from the app! This means Lumoa can now be your one tool for creating surveys, sending them out to customers, and analyzing the results! This includes email surveys, web popups, and link surveys. We plan on rolling out the surveys feature to Admins in the coming weeks.

December 2021

Recent log4j2 vulnerabilities do not affect Lumoa

For those who are not aware, there have been some recent vulnerabilities in the log4j2 technology. We wanted to announce that we do not use log4j2 in our services and therefore are not affected by the recent vulnerabilities. Lumoa takes security very seriously and previously passed its ISO certification (which you can read about below).

If you have any concerns about your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Data Compliance pages where we detail how your data is handled.

December 2021

New Insights get you to the heart of your feedback

Insights by Volume allow you to see exactly what your customers are talking about, and how they are feeling. It shows you the most occurring phrases within your data, and immediately points you to that feedback.

Trending Insights shows you deviations in your feedback behaviour. Meaning – if you normally get 100 comments around pricing in a month, but this month you got 800, Trending Insights will flag that!

December 2021

Lumoa UI now offered in different languages

Lumoa can now be displayed in different languages. Currently, we offer English, Finnish, Swedish, and German, with more languages coming out soon.

December 2021

New Events board

We also gave the Events page a face lift by making a new drag and drop board to mange your tickets. This board should be easier to manage for both you and your team, but if you are not a fan of change, we still offer the list view option using the toggle by the calendar button.

December 2021

Dashboards are Lumoa’s bread and butter. They house cards, which let you organize and view all of your customer touchpoints at a glance. Now, you can make your own Private Dashboard and it can house your own created cards! Create unique views that matter to you, and keep track of the data that is important.

December 2021

New web based popup survey

In an upcoming release, you will be able to create your own surveys within Lumoa. This includes sending the surveys adhoc to your end users, but also, enabling the survey to popup in your website! Here is an example of it in action:

December 2021

Add an image to Events

Now you can add an image to your Events. This can be helpful if you want to better communicate between your teammates within Lumoa. An example use case is if you have a feedback where a customer is complaining about a technical error, and you create an Event on that feedback, you could add an image of the error directly to the Event, so that your team better understands why this feedback was left.

November 2021

New Feedback Anonymization 2.0

Our new Anonymization 2.0 AI will anonymize your data as it passes through Lumoa! This means that our AI can comb over your data and anonymize any email addresses, SSN’s, phone numbers, first names, last names, and more

November 2021

We can get online data from anywhere!

Lumoa now offers advanced methods of fetching online data. This means we can now fetch data from Google Reviews, Facebook comments, Glassdoor, Trustpilot, Indeed, TripAdvisor – essentially anywhere! If there was ever a time where you wished you could collect all of your different sources of feedback into one place, now you can!

October 2021

Everyone can now create a Private Dashboard

Dashboards are Lumoa’s bread and butter. They house cards, which let you organize and view all of your customer touchpoints at a glance. Now, you can make your own Private Dashboard and it can house your own created cards! Create unique views that matter to you, and keep track of the data that is important.

October 2021

Search by Tags on the Events page

You can now search for Events that have been created on Feedback that contains specific background Tags.

October 2021

Weighted data now set from Card Settings

For those of you who are using Weighted data, you can now toggle on or off the weighted calculation from Card Settings. This can be helpful if you want to get both views of your data.

September 2021

Track your goals in cards

Cards can now have goals set for them, and they can be used to track whether or not your Lumoa scores are hitting your internal metrics. A goal can be defined from your Card Settings, and can then be turned on from the top right of any dashboard. Note that you cannot have a negative goal, and settings the goal to 0 removes the goal.

September 2021

New Option to “Select all” for filters

When on the Impact page, we now have the option to “Select all” for a filter. This can be helpful to see all of your data from all Business Units, Countries, etc

September 2021

Topic Responses by default for a card

We recently released Response rates per Topic, which allows you to see the breakdown for how many responses each Topic receives. This is different from Impact, as Impact has score and sentiment factored in. For those who are interested in Response rates per Topic, now that can be set as the default from Card Settings.

September 2021

Danish Language now available for the UI

We have added the Danish language as an option to the UI. Our offers for languages are now:

  • English
  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Danish

August 2021

AI generated Insights Now On By default

The Impact page got a bit of a revamp, and Insights are now turned on by default. We have also moved it to the right side of the screen, and your open text responses are now at the bottom of the page. We made this change because we feel like the AI Generated Insights are the next step in Lumoa, and bringing them to the forefront of the service makes them more actionable.

August 2021

Lumoa is now able to tell you when your feedback changes.

The Trending Insights looks at normal feedback values for all words and phrases, then flag those that receive an abnormally high number of responses for a given time period. Meaning if you normally get 100 comments about your pricing in a week, but this week you got 300, the Trending Insights will flag it.

 It will also flag new issues that come into Lumoa that have not been seen before, allowing you to stay on top of emerging issues within your customer base. The best part? It’s just a click away!

August 2021

Create Events on Generated insights

With all the new Insights changes, we wanted there to be a way you can track and keep on top of this information. That’s why we made it so that you can create an Event ticket on a generated Insight, which can then be assigned to a user and managed through the Events page. This can be helpful in notifying the dev team for example that there are lots of error codes and issues with the recent update.

August 2021

New Events Dashboard

We have given the Events page a face lift by making a new drag and drop board to mange your tickets. This board should be easier to manage for both you and your team, but if you are not a fan of change, we still offer the list view option using the toggle by the calendar button.

July 2021

Lumoa is officially ISO certified

We’re happy to announce that Lumoa recently received its certificate for ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

At Lumoa, we want to ensure that our processes and services are secure and quality assured in accordance with the highest standards. Therefore it was a natural step for us to obtain the ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, given that they are recognized standards for proactive risk management and quality management.

July 2021

Get notified of changes on your cards

You can now get notified of the changes your cards are making, week over week. If you are subscribed to notifications for a card, you will receive an email every Monday detailing the current score, previous score, and recent trending Topics. At any time you can sop getting notifications from the card itself, or from your Profile page! 

July 2021

Use AI to notify you of emerging topics

Lumoa’s AI Topic Modeling can create a Topic set based on the open text responses your customers submit. Additionally, these can now be scheduled to run either every week or every month, meaning you can get a granular view of the issues your customers were facing during that time. Furthermore, Lumoa will now identify new Topics that were not present in the last reanalysis, and these will be indicated by the light bulb symbol:

June 2021

New Partner: Lumoa x Giosg

Thanks to our partnership with Giosg, now it is even easier for you to collect feedback from all your digital channels. Trigger surveys on web pages at just the right time, and targeting just the right customers. 

Thanks to Lumoa, you can get alerts or insights in real-time to improve your online experience and drive conversions.

June 2021

Lumoa UI Now Available In Different Languages

Lumoa can now be displayed in different languages. Currently, we offer English, Finnish, Swedish, and German, with more languages coming out soon. 

June 2021

List Widget Now Shows Feedback Amounts

Our List card type now will display the feedback amounts that are associated with each filter. It can be seen in the parenthesis just past the filter name. 

May 2021

New Page: Notification Settings

Our new page for Notification Settings will allow you to choose whether you receive a weekly, daily, or immediate email that contains a summary of the performance in your collection.

We got some feedback from users that you could get 10+ Lumoa emails for each Event assigned to you, and these features can make it so that you just get one email at the end of the day that has all the information instead!

May 2021

Insights Can Be Viewed Under Topics

Turning on the AutoGenerated Insights and then opening up a Topic will now display the Insights associated with a topic, quickly giving a granular view of what people are talking about. 

May 2021

Events can Now Be Sorted

Events can now be sorted by Assignee and Latest Note Time, so that you can see the most recent activity that has happened on an Event ticket, per User.

April 2021

AI Insights Are Now Clickable

Our new AI will allow you to see exactly what your customers are saying for any given date range, topic, or filter. We have now launched the new feature where you can click on a generated Insight, and be brought to all comments with that phrase. 

April 2021

Detailed Cards Information

Cards now have the option to display additional detailed information, such as number of responses! These are unique to the card, and should save you a few clicks!

April 2021

View Feedback Amounts Per Topic

We heard some feedback that people wanted a better way to see their response amounts in Lumoa. Now, topics can be expanded upon to reveal the response rates. 

March 2021

New beta insights feature lets you dynamically see key customer phrases

Our new Insights feature will automatically generate keywords and phrases that your customers are talking about. 

You can read more about this feature, as well as how to turn it on, using the guide in our knowledge base!

March 2021

New button to see all Events on the Events page

We heard your feedback that it was too difficult to see all of your Events. Now, you can toggle to see all Events that have been made on a collection!

February 2021

Saving a card is easier – you can now Save a Card on a Topic

We made some changes to the flow of the “Save a Card” popup from the Impact page, based on your feedback – it should be a bit easier to use now. We also made it so that you can save Topics within a card, so they will be preselected when you navigate to the Impact page: 

February 2021

Parent/Child filters now grant you a new card type: List

Cards can now be created as a “List” view. This lets you save space on your Dashboard by allowing you to condense your existing cards, and get to what matters – faster.

List cards are done with Parent/Child filters. This allows you to tie filters together in the background of Lumoa. The relationship is hierarchical, so you could make a flow for your employees in different stores, and this could be reflected in your List Card:

  • Country Name (Parent)
    • Store Name (Parent/Child)
      • Employee Names (Child)

Speak with your CS manager or email [email protected] if you want to get started with List cards and Parent/Child filters!

Improved event management

January 2021

We have improved the way you manage the event pages:

  • It’s now possible to sort your events based on the time the events have last been edited. You can do this by clicking the ”time” column on the events table. This new feature makes it easier to be up to date with what events are progressing.
  • It’s possible for users to edit and delete notes in a specific event. You can edit or delete a note by opening the specific event you want to edit, and then click on the pencil icon to edit the note or click on the trash bin icon to delete the note.

Improved way to sort and view feedback

January 2021

We have added two different ways to sort and view your customer feedback on the impact page:

  • You have the option to sort your feedback by positive feedback, negative feedback, or by newest feedback first. “Sort by: newest first” is the default way the feedback is shown.
  • In addition to having the option to translate feedback and view the feedback in English, or view the feedback in the original language, you now also have the option to view your feedback in both languages side-by-side, by selecting ”show both languages”.

Highlighting Parts Of Feedback That Relates To a Topic

December 2020

When you want to dig into a specific topic to see what kind of feedback relates to the topic, Lumoa will now show a yellow highlight on the specific sentence or sentences in the feedback that relates to that particular topic. 

In addition, if you are using the search field to search for a particular keyword in your feedback, the sentence or sentences that relate to that specific keyword will also be highlighted in yellow and the keyword itself be shown in bold. 

This update makes it easier for you to identify a specific part of the feedback that is relatable to a specific topic or keyword. 

Create private dashboards

December 2020

It’s now possible for users to create private dashboards in Lumoa. The private dashboards allow you to create a personal view of the cards that you for example use the most. This new feature makes it even easier to keep track of the insights that you are following. 

We will soon update this feature so that it will be possible to share private dashboards with other users.  

To create a private dashboard click on the plus-sign button in the down right corner and select ”create dashboard”. A new window will show, and you can set a name and other information about the dashboard. To make the dashboard private – tick the ”private” box under visibility. When you have created the dashboard, you can recognize the private dashboard by the house icon in the dashboard menu. 

Change the sorting of topic Impacts

December 2020

You can now sort topic impacts based on the sorting options defined in the card or just by changing it directly on the Impact page.

If you sort your topic impacts by highest impact, the topic with the biggest impact will show first and the other topics by descending impact. If you choose to sort your topics by the highest driver, the topic with the highest driver will be shown at the top, with the other topics by descending driver. 

Note! The impact is calculated by the absolute value of the positive and negative impact, for example, +10 and -9 would have an impact of 19. The driver is the sum of the impact, for example, +10-9 and the driver is +1.


November 2020

The pencil icons show where you can edit feedback topics, and where you can add a note to feedback and assign it to the relevant person or business area in your organization. The changes have been designed to allow for a much more intuitive experience.


November 2020

In the popup for creating/editing an event, we have added the new fields; Title, Value, and Assignee so you can set them all at the same time.

Metadata visible within an event

November 2020

For both automated Events and those created from the Impact page, you will now be able to see all the metadata for the feedback on the Events page, rather than having to refer back to the Impact page. This will save time and ensure that closing the loop is a more efficient process.

Score and filter names visible on the Comparison page

November 2020

You can now read the graph more easily as the score and the filter name is immediately visible, and you no longer have to hover over the bars to display.

filter menu can now be collapsed

November 2020

This ensures that you have even more screen space available to look at your customer data and the insights that Lumoa’s analytics provide.

To collapse or open the filter menu, click on the button on the top right side of the dashboard.

Date picker has been improved

November 2020

Now when you choose the start date it shows in the selector, making your date selection easier and clearer.

Create Cards With Search Terms

October 2020

In the text search, you can now search for exact match search queries and create a new card out of it. By using the expression “[search query/keyword]“, Lumoa will only show feedback that exactly matches your search query. No other feedback will show if it doesn’t exactly match your search query or keyword, not even feedback that may include a part of the search query. This enables you to find feedback and follow the development of a specific search query. 

For example, if you search for “Apple Pay” Lumoa will find feedback that exactly matches that search term. If you just search for the keyword Apple, Lumoa would find feedback that includes both Apple Pay, Apple, or any other feedback that includes the word apple. 

If you find an interesting search query that you would like to follow, you can now create a new card with that specific filter by clicking on “save as new card”. 

Renewed Card Creation Flow

October 2020

You can now create new, renew, and update cards directly on the impact page. If you are exploring your data on the impact page by adding filters or searching for results for a specific search term, you can now create a new card or update the exciting card with that specific filter directly on the impact page.For example, open a card of your choice and go to the impact page. As soon as you add a filter or make a search for a specific keyword, the name of the card will turn orange to show you that change has been made to the card and three new buttons will appear above the graph. 

  • If you want to save the card with the new filters as a new card – click on “save as new card”. 
  • If you want to update the card with the new filters- click on “update card”.
  • If you want to remove the filters or the search and go back to the original version of the card – click on the clock symbol.

Create Insight Events That Include Topic, Value, Assignee, and Notes

October 2020

Everyone can now create events directly from the insight page. You have now also the option besides assign assignee and add a note, to add information like topic and value to the event. This makes it easier for you to present and prioritize improvements.

Set Y-axis For Your Graph

October 2020

As an administrator, you can manually change the Y-axis range for your cards if you want to ensure that the cards are proportionally comparable to each other.When setting the minimum and maximum limits for the Y-axis they are stored inside the “card” settings. That means that everyone else will be able to see the same graph with the changes to the Y-axis range you just made. By doing so, you can ensure that everyone in your organization sees the data in the same way as you have intended.

To change the Y-axis range, click on the three dots in the upper-right corner in the graph on the impact page.

The KPI metric selector from the filter menu has been removed

October 2020

We have removed the KPI metric selector from the filter menu. This means that you can only define the KPI metric when creating a new card. That means that you can be sure that everyone uses the same KPI metric in a card, and no one can accidentally change the KPI metric in a card.

Create Multiple Dashboards

September 2020

You can now create multiple dashboards in one account. This allows you to better manage and organize how your information can be viewed. You can create additional dashboards for different departments, teams, regions, or channels within your organization. By creating different dashboards, it makes it easier for you to understand every part of your customer journey. You can now choose whether you want to view your customer data on a global level, where you see the whole customer journey, or if you just want to focus on a specific part of the customer journey or both!

Note that only Admins can create new dashboards.


June 2020

Being able to see the comments that relate to the things you’re comparing in the Comparison view allows you to compare the comments and dig deeper into the reasons for the difference in results. Check out the new feature by clicking on the Comparison tab in your dashboard and scroll down to see the comments.


June 2020

You can now group relevant cards together in a way that makes sense for your business, making them easier to locate on the dashboard if you have numerous cards, perhaps relevant to different business areas.  To do this you click on the 3 dots at the top right-hand corner and select “edit dashboard”. You can then click on the 4 arrows icon and drag the card to wherever you want it to be, before selecting “save”.  Our plan is to develop this feature further so that you will be able to put cards into relevant folders on the dashboard which will further help with organization and easy access, and also create a more streamlined view.


June 2020

When you set up cards for KPIs and touchpoints, to track performance and CX drivers over your reporting periods, you now have the option to eliminate the general category if this is not helpful for you.  This means that will see more specific categories or subcategories that are driving your customer experience over your selected time period, making the cards more useful for you and your reporting. You can choose whether or not you want to include the general category from the menu when you are first setting up your card, or when you are editing an already existing card.


May 2020

Close the loop for individual feedback or specific insights found on the events page and ensure that strategic events are acted upon. A new Event is automatically created when you add a note to specific feedback or insight. We have improved this feature so you can now filter the Events by status and assignee, making viewing what you need easier and more efficient.


May 2020

We are bringing you more control over our proprietary Lumoa Insights AI and you can now preselect which tags will be included when generating the insights found on the insights page. With this feature you can specify what insights should be shown by selecting the tags that interest you the most. This makes it even easier for you to find the insights that are most relevant for you. Note that this is currently a feature that only company admins can access.

This feature will continue to evolve so that you will have more say with regards to what the algorithm takes into account, ensuring that the insights are super relevant for your business.


May 2020

You may occasionally want to move feedback that has been categorized by our Lumoa AI to another category that you believe is more accurate for your business. If you want to change the category for specific feedback you can now do this by opening the feedback and clicking on the “change category” button found in the down-left corner. By clicking on the button a new window will open that allows you to change the category for each sentence.


April 2020

Tag insights that you find to be the most critical and needs attention. Comment and add notes on the insights to ensure that action is taken and that you follow-up on the progress. All tags that are added will also be visible on the events page so you can make sure that you keep your team updated on what insights need to be followed-up.


April 2020

Our goal is to develop a tool that is intuitive and simple to use. During April we updated the design of the main graphs for NPS and linear scale collections. The new graphs are much easier to read and you can instantly see the amount of feedback received, the type of feedback received and the scores for the selected time period. Another new feature that comes with the new graphs is the grouping setting. By clicking the three dots below the time range selector, you can now choose to show your data by day or month. 

Another new feature that comes with the new graphs is the grouping setting. By clicking the three dots below the time range selector, you can now choose to show your data by day or month.


April 2020

We’re happy to announce that Lumoa’s AI can now detect sentiments in responses as accurately as a human with the refined sentiment model. The sentiment model has been optimized with the help of large volumes of customer feedback data and thanks to Lumoa’s deep learning features, it’s able to use the data to optimize the sentiment model. The optimization will not stop there – it will just get better since Lumoa will continue to analyze customer data that will make the sentiment model even better.  


March 2020

When you assign a task to an assignee, Lumoa will automatically notify the assignee via email that he or she just received a new task in Lumoa.


March 2020

You can now create a new dashboard card directly on the dashboard page. If you click on the plus sign in the right corner and a menu to the left will appear. Simply select the filters, date range and view settings for the card, click save and your new card will appear in the dashboard. 

You can delete any dashboard card by clicking on the three dots found in the upper right corner of the card. 


March 2020

Our AI can automatically show you the most important insights found from your data. The AI goes through all the possible filter combinations and generates a view of the most positive and negative topics, so you can easily see what are the topics that impact your business the most. You can find the new insight page from the list of tabs.


February 2020

Just login to Lumoa and choose the filter values that interest you and save the filter. Once filter is saved go to dashboard and add a new card, then you can choose the filter that you just saved.

Creating cards is a feature available for your admin role users. Regular users can just view the cards. With this new feature, it’s easy to share specific filter views. Just click on the card and it immediately opens the correct view with the specific set of filters in the impact page.


February 2020

In this new product update, you can now comment and assign tasks on specific feedback. By using this you can create accountability in your team and you can follow-up on the progression on the events page.


February 2020

Now it’s possible to manually change the sentiment of responses. By hovering with the mouse over the responses in the comment you can now see the sentiment assigned for that particular response. If the sentiment of the response is not correct, you can just click on it and a new window opens. In that window, you’re able to change the sentiment of the response.


January 2020

We want our platform to be even more intuitive and simple to use, as a result we are going to make some bigger changes to the dashboard. This dashboad update is just the first of many other new dashboard features that we are going to implement during the next upcoming weeks. These are the new features in this update:

  • New main navigator
  • Introducing modules


December 2019

We have made it easier to manage users in Lumoa. You as an account admin can now; add, remove, group users and give permission to view spcific collections in the new user management page.

Make sure that specific groups of users or teams have access specific types of feedback and restrict access to feedback that shouldn’t be accessible for everyone.


November 2019

API level triggers that makes it possible to send data and export data to a defined endpoint.


November 2019

Neutral comments in open-ended feedback are now visible in its own category and it’s possible to view it separately in the Lumoa UI.


October 2019

Have multiple metrics visible in Lumoa. Collection types includes all metrics that we support: NPS, CSAT, CES, open-ended feedback or any other linear scale metric.


September 2019

Lumoa is now able to analyze any kind of linear scale feedback. We can support any metric that is rated from 1 – 3, 0 – 2, 1 – 100 or -5 to 7+, or any other linear scale of your choice. That means that we now support popular metrics such 5 star reviews, CES, CSAT and so on.


August 2019

We have updated the algorithm that calculates the impact of the NPS feedback. The improved prediction capabilities makes Lumoa even better at predicting how much your NPS score is affected by the categories of your feedback.


July 2019

Open-ended feedback analysis enables you to analyze text that doesn’t have a score attached to it. Lumoa can detect the sentiment of the feedback and classify the responses into positive, neutral and negative. This helps you to find the topics and other insights that your customers are currently talking about across all your channels. Typical use cases are; chat messages, social media comments, emails, call transcripts and any other text.


July 2019

With Lumoa you have now the capability to update the style of your feedback form. You can change colors, fonts and much more. This enables you to align the style of your survey form with your own brand style.


June 2019

With the new trigger feature, Lumoa can send notifications to desired end-destination when specific actions take place. For example can Lumoa create a ticket in your CRM system when someone gave you feedback with a score of 2 in your NPS survey.