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Using Customer Feedback to Drive Action

Join Matthieu Bonelli, founder at CXMania and former Zalando and Casper, to learn how to use customer feedback to drive improvements your customers will love.

Miten liikkeelle asiakaslähtöisessä kehityksessä?

Webinaarissa käydään konkreettisten asiakasesimerkkien kautta läpi tärkeimmät ensimmäiset askeleet asiakaslähtöisen toiminnan ja kulttuurin rakentamisessa.

Customer Support: Using insights to hear your customers, engage your employees and improve your profits

Learn how to utilize customer insights in customer support with Richard Jeffreys, CX expert and founder of CX All.

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Why CX is Vital to Your Organization

Learn how to manage CX at scale with Gerardo Laino, Head of Customer Experience at Parques Reunidos.

Surveys: How to avoid pitfalls and take advantage of AI?

Learn how to use surveys to drive customer centricity and get actionable insights to support decision making.

State of customer experience in the Nordics 2018

Find out what are the challenges and future hopes of large Nordic corporations and SMBs in terms of customer experience.

CX As a Winning Strategy

Learn how to create a winning CX business strategy, with Joanna Carr, Strategic CX Advisor at Allegro.

Customer centricity, a neccessity or an option?

Discover how and why to build and spread customer-obsessed culture together with Ian Golding.

Customer success 101: Saas startup’s secret to growth

Listen to 5 experts discuss what drives churn in startups and how to avoid it.

Turn unhappy customer into opportunities

Find out how to avoid common mistakes when working with customer feedback.

Best Practices for B2B customer experience in the Nordics

Find out what are the top customer experience challenges and priorities for B2B companies in the Nordics!

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